Space Launchers

Modern launch vehicles need versatility and precision to place in orbit satellites and satellite constellations. More and more electrical actuators are required to reach the expected performances. WATT&WELL is able to supply power electronics equipment for linear and rotary actuators, including thrust vector control (TVC) systems, grid fin actuator, propellant valve controllers, and pump drivers.

WATT&WELL offers fault-tolerant and rad-tolerant designs using automotive and industrial components. This approach provides the best recurring cost/weight/performance trade-off.

ESA - A6


The defense application requirements for reliability, safety, and security are the most stringent. The technology of fail-operational converters and WATT&WELL’s quality management system meet such requirements.


Nanosatellites are step-changing the space electronics project requirements: production quantities are larger, time-to-markets are shorter, and industrial and automotive components are preferred.

WATT&WELL proposes an agile and cost-oriented development approach from concept to production. WATT&WELL technology bricks enable the implementation of the following functions: electric propulsion, HV power supplies, power distribution, control units, and other DC/DC converters.


Electric Aircrafts & Helicopters

Aircraft designs are shifting from hydraulic, pneumatic, and combustion actuators to electrical actuators. This electrification enables the most ambitious air vehicle conceptions, including full electrical aircraft, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, multirotor helicopter, and unmanned aircraft (UAV).

WATT&WELL is committed to providing reliable and efficient power electronics equipment for such applications. It covers propulsion, actuation, and power conversion.

They trust us

"Watt&Well is our new space partner for technical products which need a high level of commitment, fast and reliable analyses and a real master of all electronic processes to reduce the cost. Aware of space constraints they studied a fail operational power electronic respecting the whole environment constraints as well as the imposed cost target. Thanks to their electronic knowledges in power and motor control architecture, they achieve quickly and with high level of quality the preliminary design and bread board manufacturing Following the planning milestones."

. ARIANEGROUP – Marc GODI, Ariane 6 equipment technical lead .