Motor Controllers

Motor control is a key expertise of WATT&WELL. WATT&WELL engineers have worked on high-end motor control for more than 10 years. They have developed and mastered simulation models of motors and inverters, control algorithms, and power stages. This experience covers motor control drivers that can drive synchronous and asynchronous motors from a few watts to one hundred kilowatts. Controllers can operate with a resolver or hall effect sensors but also without any sensor in sensorless mode.

Depending on the requirements, our controllers are able to regulate position, speed, torque (using field-oriented control), or power.

Aerospace Motor Controllers

Power Supplies

WATT&WELL has the building blocks and expertise to design any aerospace required power supply: topology selection, passive and active selection, magnetics design, and regulation design. The engineering team is familiar with the aerospace constraints that make the conception difficult: reliability, environment, weight, and thermal management.

Control & Data Acquisition

WATT&WELL has building blocks and skills covering aerospace analog and digital hardware design, and communication stacks: high speed communication interfaces (ethernet, CAN, serial, SPI, ...), high speed ADC's, high accuracy current measurements, synchronization controllers, FPGA IP's for motor control, ...

Fail-operational Systems

WATT&WELL masters aerospace fail-operational and fault-tolerant systems. This expertise includes the elaboration of Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) strategies, common-mode failure identification of redundant designs, fault containment regions design, reliability calculations, GUARDS architecture, and synchronous modular redundancy.